Yesterday I watched from the office window as around 20-30cm of the wettest snow imaginable fell on the ground. Temps were on the wrong side of freezing and everything was just slushy and horrible. I didn’t even try to ride my bike, a lost day really.

Today I decided to give it a shot, no matter how bad the odds looked. And they did look really bad. I brought the big bike with saddle and everything just in case, saddle makes bad conditions less bad since it lets me apply even pressure on the pedals and the rear wheel in search for whatever little traction there could be. However, when I reached the trails I was greeted by very well compacted snow on the trails, the snowmobile had done its thing and since the snow is so sticky it was actually all right. Happy to be able to ride, and happy to be on the new bike, this afternoon took a really good turn right there. The warm temps were nice as well, I actually got to roll up the sleeves and ride with the wind on my forearms, what a spring feeling! And the sunset (at around half past two, its still winter mind you) was fantastic, making me new Five shine in all its pinkness!

Very pink, aint it?

Very pink, innit?

Gleaming in the last rays of the day

Gleaming in the last rays of the day

"Walk like Brando right into the sun", me new five and me

“Walk like Brando right into the sun”, me new five and me